Oct, 2016

When I visited the long term care to play piano for them, most of them sleeping, staring somewhere, talking why they staying there. During my playing, I asked God. why am I here? Nobody cared, nobody interesting my playing… Why God sent me here? Last time I heard that God loves them that’s why I […]

June, 2016

Since I came to Canada, God closed the door which I like to go. I was struggle to surrender to God. When I was waiting His time, I meditate His words everyday. His words gave me encouragement, made me repent, guided me what I should do, Led me His way. He is training me little […]

May, 2016

I went Heidehof a few days ago. There are many sick, lonely people. During my playing, I realized. If I play for normal people, they will clap for me. But God didn’t want my glory. When I played I heard God love them so much, that’s why God sent me there. I was so struggle […]

Psalms 41 : 1

Our 3rd restaurant will open up this year.We were waiting for 3 years. This restaurant feel me as a big mountain specially financial.I prayed God for help and He gave me a unique answer. I have burden but God want me to consider the weak and the poor.