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God is always faithful. He is guiding me and training me for his Purpose.

I heard a sermon about true fasting. If you don’t share His gift, you don’t know Who God is. That was so touching!

God gave me a gift for free and I’d love to share it with other people.

Praise God!

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B.A. Piano, Master of Music Education
The owner of Union Jack Fish & Chips Restaurants
A Collaborative pianist for Grimsby Celebaration Choir
I was born in South Korea and grew up in a Christian family. I was always a church pianist wherever I went, but I couldn’t play piano at the church as often after I immigrated to Canada. I was so determined to play piano at the church, but God never opened the door. I asked God

‘What do you want me to do?’

And He said ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness’

I started to play piano and share my testimony at the restaurant, senior homes, and some churches. God led me little by little. It was challenging to play and speak in different churches, but I enjoyed meeting new people and sharing my story.


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Nov, 2020

My husband and I helped my son to move from Toronto last Sunday. It was snowing and windy. He lived in one way so always very hard to find out parking space. I wouldn’t like to pray this kind of thing, but I prayed ‘God, could you give us one spot for parking and we […]

Apr, 2020

I love the story about Noah’s ark. At that time, no one recognized it would happen soon. Only Noah walked with God and obeyed what He was told to do. When the heavy rain began, Noah’s family was safe inside the ark. He didn’t know where he was going, where he was, or when it […]

Dec, 2018

After I finished the performance last sunday,I woke up severe pain and vomitting.And I went emergency in Burlington.It was kidney stone.I never had this pain before.Next day i had to come back hospital for Ct and I found Grand piano at the foyer they said somebody donated piano 2weeks ago and I applied to volunteer […]

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Sunday, Dec 15th 2019 Concert at JOSEPH BRANT HOSPITAL in Burlington

 Nov 6 2022
 Concert at Shalom Manor,Grimsby(12 Bartlett Ave, Grimsby )

 Oct 9 2022
 Concert 2pm at Deer Park Villa & Suites(150 Central Ave, Grimsby)

 Dec 15 2019
 Performance at JOSEPH BRANT HOSPITAL in Burlington

 Nov 17 2019
 Concert 2pm at Chartwell Lakeshore Retirement Residence,5314 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington

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