June, 2016

Since I came to Canada, God closed the door which I like to go. I was struggle to surrender to God. When I was waiting His time, I meditate His words everyday. His words gave me encouragement, made me repent, guided me what I should do, Led me His way. He is training me little by little. When God want me to go to Senior home, hospital, long term care. I didn’t like it. Because what I like was focus on me and praising me. But God taught me He wants HIS GLORY not mine.
First time, I went there and playing one or two songs. First time 10 or 15 people listened and next time 30 people and 50 and 100, 200, 300 etc. I used to only playing and led me to speak.

I was shy and didn’t have a confident that my English is not good. But Little by little God let me speak and share what God did to me. I am weak But He is strong. Thank you God for using me for your Glory