Oct, 2016

When I visited the long term care to play piano for them, most of them sleeping, staring somewhere, talking why they staying there.

During my playing, I asked God. why am I here?

Nobody cared, nobody interesting my playing…

Why God sent me here?

Last time I heard that God loves them that’s why I am there .

Yesterday I heard that this is for me. I wonder why is this for me?

I remember Joseph in the bible. He was in prison and waiting but he didn’t know when can he go out. During waiting His timing, he interprets somebody’s dream and The king dreamed but nobody understand about dream.

When the King called Joseph, He interpreted the king’s dream and The King put Joseph in charge of country.

That was God’s planning. I believe God also has plan for me and He will keep me send somewhere that he has planned. When His timing come, I will realize Why God put me this situation.